Texas Continues to Grow

Texas Continues to be a Top State for Families who are Relocating 


Everything’s bigger in Texas – including its appeal as a destination for residents in 2010, according to Allied Van Lines’ 43rd Annual Magnet States Report released today.For the sixth year in a row, Texas eclipsed every other state and took the lead as the No. 1 magnet state in 2010 based on Allied’s report, which tracks U.S. migration patterns.

Texas realized the highest net relocation gain (inbound moves minus outbound moves performed by Allied Van Lines, one of the world’s largest moving companies) of 1,640, which is lower than the nearly 2,000 families it attracted in 2009, but it far outpaced all other states. Colorado came in second place, with net relocation gains of just over 400 and Florida, South Carolina and Arizona rounded out the top five states with the largest net relocation gains.

“Today there are more Fortune 500 companies located in Texas than any other state in the union,” said Bill Dircks, president of Berger Transfer & Storage, Inc. “With our branch locations in Austin, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio, we’ve serviced a large number of relocations into the state this past year. A healthy business climate, coupled with family-friendly cities, makes Texas a very attractive place to work and live.”

“Allied Van Lines experienced modest growth in 2010, and the trends noted in the Magnet States report are consistent with what we’ve seen when the economy begins to emerge from a recessionary period,” said Bill Lyon, Vice President and General Manager, Allied Van Lines.

“Relocation for employment is the leading motivation for an individual to move.”

According to the Texas Comptroller’s office, Texas’ position compared to other states remains strong in spite of national economic slowdowns. Thanks to a diverse, strong economy, employment in Texas has weathered the storm better than most other states. The Texas unemployment rate has been at or below the national rate for 45 consecutive months and unlike most states, Texas is currently adding jobs – up 172,800 jobs from October 2009 to October 2010.

Texas logged just under 9,600 total shipments and ranked third behind California (about 12,300 total shipments) and Florida (about 9,900 total shipments). California secured its title once again as “most mobile state,” with the highest volume of inbound and outbound shipments by international mover Allied Van Lines.


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