New Info about Austin from The Census

The new census estimates are out and there is interesting information about Austin, TX.



Currently our 38.7% of our population has a bachelors degree compared to 27.9% nationally. This is ranked 4th in the nation.


Out of the 50 largest metropolitan areas Austin has the highest in-migration of population. According to the census about 6.9% of our population moved here in the past year.
Median age for Austin is 32.4 years old which is over 4 years less than national average.
Total population is now estimated at 1,705,075 for Austin and surrounding counties.


Median household income is $56,218 compared to about $50,000 nationally.
Management and professional occupations lead the percentage of jobs at 42% which is about 38% nationally.

Real Estate

Our median home value here is about $4,000 higher than national average at $189,300.

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