Austin Rankings

#4 best place to visit in U.S.

(Lonely Planet, December 2010)One of the 10 Cities Best Situated for Economic Recovery

(Newsweek, November 2010)One of America’s 10 Most Affordable Cities

(Forbes, November 2010)7th Smartest City in America

(The Daily Beast, October 2010)Highly ranked among 50 U.S. Real Estate Markets to Watch

(PricewaterhouseCoopers, October 2010)2nd on the Milken Institute’s Best-Performing cities 2010: Where America’s

Jobs Are Created & Sustained

(Milken Institute, October 2010)

6th Smartest City in America

(, October 2010)9th Best Graduate Program for Entrepreneurs (University of Texas at Austin)

(Entrepreneur, October 2010)12th Best Executive MBA Program (University of Texas at Austin)

(Wall Street Journal, September 2010)One of Top 10 Fall Hotspots

(Travelocity, September 2010)Among 10 metros Where You can Buy a Home for Less than $800 a month

(U.S. News, September 2010)Among America’s Most Recession Proof Cities

(, September 2010)#2 Mid-Size Metro College Destination

September 2010)

(American Institute for Economic Research,In Top 100 Cities of the Global Innovation Economy

(, September 2010)Among Least Stressed Cities in U.S.

(, September 2010)7th Most Favorable Place to Look for Work

(The Conference Board, September 2010)Among Top 20 Brainiest Cities in America

(The Daily Beast, August 2010)Top U.S. Entrepreneurial Center

(Entrepreneur, August 2010)Among America’s Best Music Cities

(Travel+Leisure, August 2010)#5 for higher education excellence (University of Texas at Austin)

(Washington Monthly, August 2010)#1 Quality of Life Metro Ranking

(Business Facilities, August 2010)#1 for Renewable Energy Availability

(Business Facilities, August 2010)#2 Greenest Metro

(Business Facilities, August 2010)#3 Top City for Young Entrepreneurs

(Under30CEO, August 2010)Top City for Young Adults

(Kiplinger, July 2010)2010 Gave us even more reasons to love Austin!

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